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There are many reasons for people to get drifted towards the forex industry. The main reason here is that majority of the traders in this field do not require heavy capital to get started. Depending on the leverage, one can buy a good amount of currencies. Additionally, other than for direct market access, there is no brokerage commission involved too. Only fee or money one has to shell out is for the bid-ask-spread, which is the difference in price between the buying and selling price.

Dissimilar to stocks, there is no central exchange involved for forex dealings. Rather, the currencies are dealt by the means of a strong global network of banks, dealers, and brokers. Another positive thing luring people to join the forex industry is that it needs minimum homework than equities. This is because one only has to study a few currencies as compared to numerous stocks.

The risk factor in forex:

Though forex is the biggest financial market in the world, the big amount of money floating in the market also makes the industry quite unstable and risky. Some people make great profits and earnings while other bear major losses at the same time in this industry. If you have a decent online trading platform, you can automatically have your position closed when you have reached the favourable level of profit or are not willing to risk further to bear additional losses It is important for the people to keep control on their desire for money and expectations as it may backfire in a devastating way.

Therefore, if you are interested and committed to trading forex, it is important that you learn the tricks to keep yourself safe and protected in the industry.

How to protect yourself when trading forex:

  • Involve only with reputed traders: It is important for you to find out what other traders are using before you decide upon which trader to select. Research on which trader was preferred the most by other users recently and go ahead with taking their reviews and opinions on their experience.
  • Research and understand the industry: It is important for you to gain good information on the industry as a lot of your profits and losses in the trade will depend on the knowledge you have.
  • Be vigilant when it comes to leverage: If you do not stay careful, leverage is that tool that can bring huge losses for you. Remember that the value of each pip is directly proportional to the leverage. Gaining of pips gets you equivalent profits and losing it will make you pay equivalent as losses.
  • Avoid risking over 2% per trade: The golden rule here is to never risk over 2% per trade. Though it restricts your profits but also limits your losses. Thus making you and your money safe.
  • Be practical, not emotional: It is crucial that you trade forex with your brain and not get emotional at significant aspects. Ensure to be smart and not end up making a fool of yourself.

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